Our Vision & Mission

Strengthening Healthcare and Life Science Ecosystems with Innovative Platforms

Company History - The PROXDIS Journey

PROXDIS was born from an inspiring idea, rooted in the well-being of patients and their caregivers. A dedicated team of professionals from the realms of life sciences and healthcare converged to bring this vision to life after years of meticulous customer discovery. PROXDIS began as a simple app designed to connect doctors with representatives. However, it soon transformed into something grander, with a mission to serve the entire healthcare ecosystem, with a specific focus on life sciences.
Over the course of several years, the founding members of PROXDIS engaged extensively with healthcare systems. Their aim was to craft a solution tailored to the unique needs of healthcare professionals and life science manufacturers. This collective effort culminated in the birth of Unite by PROXDIS, a mobile application underpinned by three core principles: connect, secure, and support. These principles are interwoven into the very fabric of Unite's user interface, a testament to the founders' unwavering commitment to address the critical communication challenges within the healthcare domain.

Our Mission

At PROXDIS, our unyielding dedication centers around the patient. We are committed to the well-being of caregivers who provide life-saving support, and we extend this dedication to life science and medical device manufacturers who bring innovative technologies to the forefront. To fulfill our mission, PROXDIS recognizes the paramount importance of communication and collaboration across all sectors of the healthcare ecosystem. A common thread unites all stakeholders: the essential need for secure, accurate, and swift communication. These elements are not just crucial; they are indispensable to patient well-being, and any shortfall in them poses a significant threat.
PROXDIS set out on a mission to expedite communication between physicians and medical device organizations, ensuring that patients didn't languish on the operating table. This mission rapidly evolved into something even more encompassing – a more effective means of communication that spanned the entire spectrum of life sciences, including education, clinical trials, compliance, and procurement.

Our Vision

PROXDIS, the word symbolizes unity. In this future, healthcare professionals will seamlessly communicate across all life science manufacturers, striving for improved outcomes while upholding safety and security in all their interactions.
We envision a future where life science manufacturers and dedicated clinical professionals who represent their technologies can communicate efficiently, leading to optimal outcomes associated with innovative technologies. This collaboration extends to encompass case coverage support and educational programs, fostering a more effective and interactive approach to healthcare.
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A mobile application connecting healthcare professionals with the life science industry
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